Careers at Bash Heal

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What Drives Us

We exist because we want to bring affordable Tier-1 health care standards to the middle class and the financially challenged. This is what fosters our culture, our way of thinking. It’s how we inspire some of the most talented doctors, nurses and support staff to do path-breaking work every day.

New opportunities, challenges, and the drive to help more people are what push us to be the best at SPARSH. Ever since our inception, we have had one goal: to make quality healthcare accessible to the poorer. At SPARSH, we stand for achieving clinical excellence with social relevance. Making a difference and positive impact on society at a larger scale has always been vital to us and keeping this in mind, our story began — a journey with no end.

The Pillars of Our Path Breaking Approach

We have Taker, Nurse, Doctor & Physiotherapist and Medical equipment’s. Bash Heal provides healthcare needs with personalised services to individuals of all ages, physical conditions and cognitive abilities. We help those recovering from illness, living with a chronic disability or dealing with the natural process of ageing. Bash Heal running Post hospitalization/ Rehabilitation centre who is looking for long term in house care, Example patient with Head & Spinal Injury, Trauma Patients, Patients with Tracheostomy and Ryle’s tubes dependency& Palliative care. We have exclusive Physiotherapy Facilities to take of Neuro and Mobility related issues.

Services We offer

Attender care for 24/7,
Doctor and Nurse visit,
Ambulance Services,
Neuro Rehabilitation Services.

BashHeal For All